Like Alvin Greene, I think Christine O’Donnell gets more attention than she deserves.  She simply was never a serious candidate.  However, she may be in serious trouble.

The FBI and U.S. Department of Justice is reportedly investigating O’Donnell for using her federal campaign account to pay for personal expenses such as her rent.

O’Donnell, predictably, alleged that this is nothing more than a political conspiracy to try to cripple a former Senate candidate who lost by over sixteen points, because, hey, that Obama feller has nothing more important to do than worry about Christine O’Donnell bewitching an entire nation with her magical charisma and anti-masturbatory rhetoric.

"Given that the king of the Delaware political establishment just so happens to be the vice president of the most liberal presidential administration in U.S. history, it is no surprise that misuse and abuse of the FBI would not be off the table," she said in a statement.

Okay, fair enough, Biden has plenty of free time… but Biden’s not Cheney.  He doesn’t have that kind of pull. 

Perhaps we could suggest a new ad campaign?  “I’m not a criminal?”