A few days ago John Kasich unsurprisingly announced that he would not be moving into the governor’s mansion in Bexley.

I say unsurprisingly not because it’s a common thing for Ohio Governors. Since 1955 every other Ohio Governor has spent at least one of his terms living in the mansion.

I say unsurprisingly because John Kasich has shown time and time again that he makes decisions based solely on what’s good for John Kasich; and this decision is obviously good for Kasich and his family – even if it’s detrimental to the state of Ohio.

Sure, the predictible decision not to move into the state-owned Governor’s Residence makes life easier for John and his family. But it makes life much more difficult for the Highway Patrol since they now need to quickly figure out a way to provide the same level of security available at the masion to Kasich’s private residence, which is going to require a twenty-four hour security detail assigned to his home as well as a good deal of publicly-funded security improvements to his property.

So the first question that comes to mind is: how much more is it going to cost to secure John Kasich’s home since he isn’t going to live in the Bexley mansion?

I contacted the Department of Public Safety and the Highway Patrol to find out the answer to this question but I was ultimately unsuccessful in getting any specific numbers.

I talked to a very polite Lieutenant who informed me that the Patrol does not release details about specific security operations. But he assured me that the money for Kasich’s security would come from the existing budget and he made it clear that the Patrol would continue “doing more with less”.

What I did find out was that the money for securing John Kasich’s home is going to come from the “8400 Fund” also known as the Security and Investigation Fund. This is “a line item portion of the Patrol’s budget” that is “projected at $12.7 million and $13.1 million, for fiscal years 2012 and 2013 respectively.” According to the Patrol, “The fund pays for those components related and not limited to Executive Protection Unit, Statehouse, Ohio Expo Center (Fairgrounds), etc.”

It seems obvious that the cost associated with securing a new, unsecure private residence is going to excede the cost of securing a building that has been under the constant protection of the Patrol since 1955, and this is before we even start discussing the additional personnel costs associated with securing both the Bexley mansion and John Kasich’s home. But I’m not going to argue with the Lieutenant on this one.

Instead I’m going to ask another question: Who is going to pay for the security improvements to John Kasich’s home?

At the very least the Patrol will need to construct a perimeter fence and a guard house and they will need to install a video surveillance system. We’re talking tens – if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in improvements to the property. These are additions and improvements that will increase the value of John Kasich’s private residence; improvements that will be paid for out of the Highway Patrol’s budget.

So given the fact that John Kasich has vowed to cut government waste and reduce government spending, will millionaire Governor-elect Kasich be reimbursing the state for these improvements to his personal residence?

  • Guest

    What a budget hawk you are. Ha, ha. What a joke. LOL.

    Merry Christmas. Or nice holiday wishes. Or happy non-descript day of the week before another non-descript day of the week.

    Or whatever.

  • Merry Christmas to you too, random troll who has been posting anonymous comments for the past three months.

    Maybe you could make a new year’s resolution to stop posting anonymously or at least start posting something of substance.

    If you have a reasonable argument to make in favor of John Kasich staying in his house thereby requiring the Highway Patrol to repurpose hundreds of thousands of dollars from its already small budget in order to make improvements to John Kasich’s private residence when these security features already existing on the Bexley mansion then PLEASE make it.

  • nearly created another disqus account in order to like this twice.

  • This is a non-story. He could make so much money from Fox or lobbying. He should be able to live where he wants if he can get the job done. There are already so many budget areas that have real implications for Ohioans that you can hammer on- like selling state buildings below- that you don’t need to sink to this level. This is equivalent to Rs getting on Strickland for flying out of one airport instead of another. It’s a molehill. If you don’t focus on the mountains, you make it more difficult for us to recognize true concerns. Thanks.

  • It’s a good point Barry, but I do have to disagree.

    John Kasich spent the entire campaign promising to end wasteful government spending and complaining about lazy, overpaid government employees.

    And before he even takes office he’s already decided to waste government dollars that could be spent in much better ways by our Troopers all because he’s not willing to make some minor sacrifices.

    Personally, I’m looking for leaders who lead by example.

    Let Kasich live in his private residence, that’s fine. But he should be paying for his own security upgrades. and he should pay back the Patrol for the extra money it’s costing them to protect both his home and the Bexley mansion.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    this is so typical of the double standard –if Strickland had done this we would still be hearing about it
    I said in a post last week Kasick needs to pay for this himself — its not like they didnt know they would have a new residence — What ! these kids just showed up the day after the election– give me a break — this man is a huge joke
    this IS government waste plain and simple and its a “in your face” thing
    he is on a walk on water ego trip
    trouble is a lot of people in Ohio are due to loose their jobs while we pay extra for his house to be secure — I say we dont do it !! who says we have to anyway —-

  • guest

    Please recheck you facts. I believe that Governor Celeste was the first governor in a long time to live in the Bexley residence… and that was in the 80s. You are correct that each governor since then has lived at the residence.

  • Rhodes lived in the residence for his first two terms but not during his second.

  • Guest

    I do not. If I were Kasich, I’d just live in the mansion. But I am not Kasich. And this is small potatoes.

    I just think all your budget angst is hilarious, seeing as how you voted for the Democrats referenced in the story below.


  • Lindalou50

    Transparent….Yes, Kassich is He continues to take care of himself and to Hell with those who employ him as Governor. As far as I am concerned unless he lives in the Governor’s Mansion he is just a state employee who will be looking for a job in 4 years. Of course the value of his home will increase thanks to the Ohio State Patrol .

  • Moomoocow

    Kasich lives right behind my house behind some woods and i can see his house fairly clearly and there is a highway patrol officer there all the time and as far as i can see its allways running.

  • Cfreeze2

    Who protects the governor, yes the highway patrol. This group of men and women belong to the FOP, one of the unions Kasich is trying to undermine. If I was OSP I would tell him to go to hell and find his own security and finance it with his own salary!

  • Anonymous

    Actually, the Patrol doesn’t belong to the FOP. I think that they have their own union. Regardless, your point remain.

    Also, remember that we reported awhile ago that Kasich was increasing his security detail because he believed he’d be subjected to more threats given his plans….

  • Kmjelinek

    I’ve been trying to find out the tax dollar amount spent to secure the Guv.’s private residence. There seems to be confusion about it. I’ve read that “those figures are not released”. I contacted the Guv’s office by way of email. I was told
    “no tax dollars have been spent or will be spent on security upgrades at the personal residence of the Governor.” I just want to truth. Obviously, I guess the Guv.’s office forgot to calculate the tax dollars spent to keep OSHP at both houses 24/7 in his email to me. But I’ll set that aside. I just want an answer, how many tax payer dollars went into the Guv.’s personal house for security upgrades?



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