WKYC in Cleveland has the story:

— State Sen. Tim Grendell (R-18) says Gov. Ted Strickland has "uninvited" him to a bill signing in Columbus Thursday. Strickland says that’s simply not true. Both accuse each other of playing personal politics.

Grendell said that, "While I was honored to be a lead joint-sponsor with (state) Senator Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) on SB 235 (the Human Trafficking Bill), who invited me to the signing of the Human Trafficking Bill by Governor Strickland tomorrow morning, I was informed by Governor Strickland’s staff that I was uninvited."

"It is simply not true that Senator Grendell was ‘uninvited’ because the governor’s office has planned only a short, private gathering to celebrate the bill signing with the Senator who has championed this legislation for several years, Teresa Fedor, and several of her supporters,” [said Gov. Strickland’s office in a prepared statement.]

"It is sad but hardly surprising that Senator Tim Grendell would bring such vanity to bear on an issue as serious and horrifying as human trafficking. If he truly cares about this legislation, he should know it is not at all about him, but about protecting the most vulnerable members of our society."

Grendell then had the temerity to suggest this snub was as partisan of an act as Grendell and his fellow Republicans rejecting an unprecedented 78 qualified appointees for no other reason than partisan politics.

Grendell writes a letter in which he admits he undertook an actual confirmation hearing (itself an unprecedented act), does so for the express purpose of getting John Kasich elected, then conspires with Kasich and his Republican Senate colleagues to reject 78 qualified political appointees for no other reason than to help Kasich, and he expects that the Governor is going to take the time out of his remaining days to give Grendell a high-profile public bill signing two days before Christmas?

Is this man nuts?  Seriously.  Is Tim Grendell insane?  The guy does all this within the recent weeks on top of giving his constituents the finger by refusing to take an office he sought election to this November, and he expects us to join him in a pity party because he wasn’t invited to a private bill signing? I hope he didn’t reserve room bigger for a party for one, then.

I’ll admit it.  I kind of hope the Governor did intentionally set out to keep Grendell out of any bill signing.  It would serve Grendell right.  Something about the Golden Rule and all that.