The Columbus City Council has narrowed the list of applicants for City Council from 49 down to 18.

And it’s still a very solid list.

State Rep. Dan Stewart is still in the running, as is former council member and current State Treasurer Kevin Boyce and the highly qualified Kimber Perfect.

Another pleasant surprise: Greg Schultz made it to the top 18.

Here’s the full list of people who made it to the next round.

Kevin L. Boyce
Anthony J. Celebrezze III
Stefanie Lynn Coe
Michael Wayne Daniels
Fran E. Dennis
W. Shawna Gibbs
Marian Harris
Zachary M. Klein
Ian B. MacConnell
Brandyn L. McElroy
Michelle M. Mills
David W. Paul
Kimber Perfect
Jeffrey D. Porter
Karla Rothan
Leslie J. Sawyer
Greg Schultz
Dan Stewart

I do have to add one caveat: the council plans to use their newly-gained “executive session” power to interview the candidates behind closed doors instead of in a public meeting.

While this certainly isn’t as bad as Kasich hiding the names of applicants for state jobs – I am kind of disappointed they are choosing to hide these meetings from the public given how important this decision is.