I just wanted to point out one more thing about the Casino Commission appointees that the Republican State Senators tossed out yesterday…

Over three months ago – on October 18th – the Plain Dealer did something it has rarely done in the past four years: published a positive editorial about Governor Ted Strickland.

The piece was titled First-rate choices for Ohio casino panel and it started like this:

Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland has made excellent appointments to the new Ohio Casino Control Commission, and — in a strong signal of constructive bipartisanship — chose a widely respected Republican to chair the panel, Columbus lawyer Charles R. “Rocky” Saxbe.

It ended like this:

The Republican-run Senate should approve the governor’s well-considered choices.

In between the editors praised Governor Strickland for not giving in to election-year pressures and instead appointing a bipartisan (three Republicans and four Democrats) and highly-qualified set of individuals to the Casino Commission instead of “political hacks”.

Yesterday the Republicans in the Senate threw out the appointments of all of these individuals potentially worsening the state’s budget picture all so Governor-Elect Kasich can, most likely, appoint his own political hacks to these positions.

I don’t expect much from the Plain Dealer – but when Kasich does make his appointments and when these appointments turn out to be all Republican pals of John – any reasonable person would expect the PD to run another editorial criticizing Kasich.

I’ll be waiting, but I won’t be holding my breath.