Normally, after an election, it’s pretty common for a political blog to see its traffic drop off a cliff.   Part of that is there is less of an audience for a political blog between election cycles.  The other part is, well, there’s less supply of stories to churn out, too.

Now, we still have seen a significant drop in our traffic since the week of the election, but what we’ve seen is nothing I can compare it to in the past.  While we don’t give out our numbers as that’s propriety information for us, here’s a couple things that make your support for this site truly remarkable.

Since the week of Thanksgiving, our traffic has been going steadily UP, not down.  Last week, we had the most traffic on the site we’ve had since the week of the election. In fact, our traffic is back up to levels it was just three weeks before the election.

Our ad click-thrus are easily getting twice as much traffic as our two biggest competitors.  And pretty much throughout the year, we’ve gotten more advertising click-thrus than both our competitors combined. 

We know our traffic has more than tripled what it was a year ago.  And for good reason.  If you noticed, today’s “top” political story on the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s website is, essentially, the Grendell story we broke almost a week ago.

If his tenure as Governor-elect is any indication, John Kasich will keep us busy holding his Administration accountable to good government principles and what they promised Ohioans during the campaign.  So, we won’t go wanting for material before the ‘12 Presidential election.

I just wanted to take a moment to again thank you all for your loyal support and encouragement of the year.  We’ll continue to strive to make this site even better next year.

Also, if you’re interested in helping us spread the word about this site (or you’re looking for any last minute stocking stuffer ideas) might we suggest you consider giving a Plunderbund T-shirt from Skreened?  Skreened is offering free priority mail upgrades for any order made before midnight tonight!

Again, thank you for your support.  Happy Holidays on behalf of myself and the rest of the PlunderCrew.