If Kasich’s irony were snowflakes… well, just look outside.

The Associated Press is reporting that Governor-elect Kasich announced at a GOP function celebrating the career of retiring U.S. Senator/former Governor George Voinovich that Kasich intends to have the new I-90 bridge in Cleveland named after Voinovich.

“The new, $450 million bridge in Cleveland replaces the Inner Belt Bridge. The project received $85 million from the federal economic stimulus package.”

It’s ironic that they’d name the bridge after Voinovich since his legacy was largely one of fiscal conservatism and rallying against pork barrel spending.  Also, there’s the little fact that Voinovich voted against the stimulus bill.  Kasich also opposed the stimulus, but apparently has no qualms about using it to honor his fellow Republicans.  Hypocrisy be damned.

Maybe it is a fitting monument, but not just to Voinovich, but entire Ohio Republican Party.  A monument of Republicanism opposing things out their ideology only to turn around and try to associate themselves with it later as if they deserved credit for it.

It’d be like renaming Medicare after Ronald Reagan. 

(I think I might regret putting that idea out there.  Then again, if they did that, they’d never cut it.)