So, how’d that Tom Charles/John Born rollout go?

Well, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Kasich didn’t think it went too well.  After the media asked Charles and Kasich a number of questions about the obvious conflicts of interest of Charles being the Director when both his wife and his son work for the Patrol (never mind the obvious conflict of Charles’ office doing an investigation involving someone whom Charles wanted to replace at the agency he was about to take over):

Charles also was asked today about potential conflicts of interest that could arise because his wife and son work in the patrol. Charles said Born, the new superintendent, will be a buffer between him and his relatives. Charles also said his family members will not be promoted while he is director.

Kasich AngryKasich, standing next to Charles, seemed annoyed with questions about potential conflicts of interest.

“I find myself tripping over the ant hills on the way to the pyramids. We have so many stupid rules and regulations that prevent us from getting the best people to come in here. You just can’t believe it. And I blame it on all of you,” Kasich told reporters. “All the transparency and conflicts and other stuff. I want to just tell you, it is a problem to get quality people to come and work in the government.”

(emphasis added.)

Is Tom Charles a KID “The fact that he has relatives that work in the patrol, I think the man will do a good job. It’s just sort of silly to have to explain all that away,” Kasich said. “His reputation is great, I stand behind him and all this business about this conflict, that conflict — let me tell you something, we’re hurting our kids.” (emphasis added.)

Kasich really is struggling with his whole transparency and ethical Administration thing.   Thank goodness he was only elected to a four-year term as Governor-elect, right?

Wait, you mean this mean he becomes Governor next month!?

Ahhhh, crap.

Still, I’m sure this will do wonders for Kasich’s dropping favorability ratings.

[UPDATE:]  I like ODP Communication Director Seth Bringman’s idea:

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