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I have to admit.  It never occurred to me that Strickland might seek a rematch.  What would that do to Cordray’s and Brunner’s plans?

If the 2014 Democratic gubernatorial primary were held now, whom would you likely vote for?

  • Jennifer Brunner (33%, 57 Votes)
  • Richard Cordray (29%, 50 Votes)
  • Ted Strickland (28%, 48 Votes)
  • Don't Know/Someone else (9%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 171

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  • Bryan

    thats a pretty thin list, modern. what ab ryan, pepper, boyce, etc?

  • Anonymous

    To be honest. This list is already too long. I doubt that if Strickland were to run, both Cordray and Brunner would, too. Boyce? Really?!?
    The worst performing Democrat statewide running for Governor?

    Yeah, I’m not going to put him on the list in a primary in which Strickland, Cordray, and Brunner are presumed to be also running.

    Ryan and Pepper are unlikely to run if Strickland, Brunner, and Cordray are already running. Besides, Ryan I don’t see running unless it’s a pretty clear or weak field.

    I haven’t heard any talk about Pepper running for Governor. I’m just going with names that have been bandied about that may not be intimidated out of the race given the presence of the others. That’s a more realistic poll since we’d never have more than three strong candidates on the ballot for Governor by the primary election.

  • Anonymous

    No, don’t take what I said to mean that I think Boyce (or his campaign) were to blame entirely for their loss. Not by a long shot.

    But the reality is that it’s hard for me to believe that Boyce would be able to mount a credible primary challenge in a gubernatorial primary where Strickland, Cordray, and Brunner, and other are already rumored to be in the mix. I could see Pepper before I could see Boyce running a credible challenge.

    One of Boyce’s problem was an inability to raise money. If not for ODP, his campaign would have been even in worse financial shape.

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