The day before Thomas Charles is to be announced to run the Ohio Department of Public Safety after a campaign of going after Col. David Dicken, who Charles’ opposed his appointment in favor of someone else, the Ohio Department of Public Safety just announced that Dicken is resigning as Superintendent of the Ohio Highway Patrol and returning to the rank of Captain.  (Source: NBC Channel 4 in Columbus)

Either they’re giving Thomas Charles everything he’s ever wanted with this gig, or….

… the Strickland folks figured that Charles was going to fire Dicken anyways so they might as well appoint someone new before their term is up anyways so Charles doesn’t get to control the appointment decision.  Except that the position of Patrol Superintendent requires confirmation by the State Senate.

I have to say this stinks.  It’s looking like Tom Charles, who ruined countless people’s professional reputations with misleading, incomplete, and inaccurate information, is getting everything he’s ever wanted.  Even worse, it’s looking like the Strickland Administration is even clearing the decks for him.