Surprise! Another story about John Kasich changing a policy without thinking or even knowing about the reasons it was implemented.

This time it’s snow days (aka Calamity Days) for Ohio’s schools, which Governor Strickland lowered from 5 to 3. Kasich – on the advice of his pre-teen daughters – has proposed undoing the change.

The move to reduce the number of snow days pissed off a lot of teachers and districts, yes, even the “evil” teachers unions that Kasich hates so much. But the Strickland administration received praise nationally for this move to add more days to the school year.

American kids are falling behind their international peers in large part because children in the US spend much less time in school. The goal of this policy was to increase the number of school days and to give our kids the education their need to compete for jobs in the international job market.

And this policy was a way of adding those additional days to the school year without having to renegotiate teacher contracts.

If Kasich had done any research on the issue beside simply taking the advice of a couple of ten year olds, he might also have realized that this plan actually fits in nicely with his belief that teachers are overpaid. Teachers are paid for calamity days even when they aren’t in the classroom teaching so adding more calamity days means teachers are getting paid for not working. More importantly, it means kids aren’t learning.

I do have to wonder what other wonderful education policy choices Kasich plans on making based on the advice of his ten year old kids. No more yucky peas in the cafeteria?