Apparently, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine had the State’s Central Committee pass some sort of resolution condemning State Senator Tim Grendell’s (R-Chesterland) decision to forgo taking the House seat he won this November and instead staying for the remainder of his Senate term.

(Image Source: The Pullins Report)

Here’s a copy of Grendell’s letter to Chairman DeWine protesting that decision:

12-13-10 Kevin DeWine Letter

Note this on page 2:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Senator Tim Grendell just admitted, in writing, that his entire sham of a confirmation hearing for Cathy Collins-Taylor as Director of Public Safety was done “to facilitate John Kasich’s election” by conducting hearings that “had a detrimental impact on Governor Strickland’s re-election effort.”  Not only should Grendell be condemned for not taking an office he ran for in November, he now should be rightly condemned for abusing the confirmation powers of the Senate purely for political gain.

We told you so.

Tim Grendell didn’t give a whit about “due process” during those hearings.  He denied the ability of Cathy Collins-Taylor to ever face her accusers.  His committee never broached, let alone address, the obvious perjury of her accusers.  Many of the people who were accused of wrongdoing were denied any opportunity to testify in their defense.

In fact, the committee was so lopsided in the presentation of the evidence, it gave Cathy Collins-Taylor very little time to present any defense at all beyond her own testimony.  Testimony that Grendell attempted to assert had to be made with her waiving the typical legal immunities witnesses’ ordinarily are given in testifying to a legislative committee.

Don’t you just love it when Republicans get so angry at each other they start dropping pretenses and admitting things they long denied?

Grendell is actually insulted that he wasn’t given the Order of Reagan for what he did for the Party with his politically motivated legislative hearings… just when you thought the man couldn’t stoop any lower.

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