I’m seeking additional confirmation on this, but a very reliable source has informed me that it is expected that Governor-elect John Kasich will appoint Ohio Inspector General Thomas Charles.

Yep, the same Thomas Charles’ whose office was criticized by a Brown County Common Pleas Judge for violating the civil rights of individuals Charles was investigating in a case where the media criticized the decision to attempt to bring criminal charges based on his investigation. 

The Thomas Charles who House Democrats introduced a bill to change the law to require the Inspector General to recuse himself after Charles admitted he continued to be involved in a Highway Patrol investigation of a rival of his wife who was seeking the same promotion.  The rival got the position.  No word if he’ll wind up being replaced by Charles’ wife now.

The same Tom Charles who has never issued a final report of his office’s investigation of Coingate and has never even talked to Tom Noe.  The same Tom Charles who actually lobbied for his wife’s supervisor to the Governor’s office, even though his office has no jurisdiction over such appointments, but his office has enormous discretion to bog the Governor’s office down in endless investigations if it so chooses.  Charles then, as mentioned before, speedily concluded a pending investigation regarding a rival for the appointment in order to try to get negative information about the rival out there before Governor Strickland made the appointment.

If you want some idea of what Charles will want to do if he is appointed to run the Department of Public Safety, check out the last few pages:

IG Charles OSP Recommendations

Charles wants to turn the Highway Patrol into the Ohio State Police.  He wants to take all Homeland Security state activities and put it under the Patrol.  Oh, and he’ll now be the supervisor of an agency in which both his wife and son work.

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Maybe this is one where the Democrats nonetheless demand an actual confirmation hearing on.   Charles’ is an ethically compromised pick.