The Plain Dealer is reporting that Mary Taylor is under consideration to lead the Department of Commerce.

If you would have asked me where John should send his running mate I might have sarcastically suggested Lottery because of the exceptional work she did uncoving tens of thousands of dollars in savings with her big, expensive audit. Or maybe even Aging because John Kasich thinks women are good at making “small decisions” – decisions about thinking like where (old) people should live.

But who would have thought John Kasich would have the balls to appoint Mary Taylor to head the agency responsible for approving plans, verifying compliance and issuing licenses for the construction industry – knowing full-well that her husband is the CEO of a large Ohio-based construction company.

Even worse, Mary Taylor faced two scandals back in 2006 when she was still a State Rep., both based on her association with her husband’s company Welty Building Co.

In one she “urged fellow legislators to approve operating funds for a University of Akron institute in which her husband’s construction company may have a financial interest.” (Akron Beacon Journal, October 21, 2006)

In the second, the Ohio Elections Commission “found probable cause that Republican candidate for state auditor Mary Taylor made false statements about being an owner of her husband’s business, Welty Building Co.” (Akron Beacon Journal, November 3, 2006)

Appointing Mary Taylor to lead the Department of Commerce knowing that the majority of her household income comes from the industry she is supposed to oversee seems like a massive conflict of interest. Throw in the incidents from 2006 and either John Kasich is completely incapable of vetting his own cabinet choices or he just doesn’t give a crap what Ohioans think.