Last week I pointed out that John Kasich was attacking the Department of Corrections for not proposing any cost-saving measures even though the department had spent the past four years working with legislators and the Governor to do exactly that.

As a result of these cost-saving studies, Governor Strickland’s last budget contained comprehensive sentencing reform proposals, developed with the help of the Department of Corrections and legislators from both parties. But they were all removed during budget negotiations with Republicans.

You want to guess what John Kasich proposed this week?

At a Thursday news conference, Kasich expanded upon the idea of sending fewer Ohioans to prison for nonviolent crimes, including those involving drugs. He called such cost-cutting changes in criminal sentencing laws “low-hanging fruit” that state leaders should have picked long ago to make ends meet.

Ah yes. The exact thing Governor Strickland proposed.

I won’t argue with John Kasich when he says he’s focused on the big ideas (instead of the little stuff, which his wife supposedly handles).

Unfortunately, just like during the campaign, a significant number of them (aka the ones that don’t suck) are not his own.