I swear to God, we couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.  According to the Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing Blog, Stivers has been named to serve on the House Financial Services Committee, the Congressional Committee that legislates on the very industry Stivers was a state level lobbyist for.

John Boehner just named a former bank lobbyist to the House’s banking committee. 


  • Anonymous

    Good point.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m not surprised. Stivers is widely known within the banking industry and he received big contributions from bank PACs and banking executives. He’ll do his best to protect the bank profits from consumers, as he did when he served in the Ohio Senate. What can you say about a guy who voted against consumer protection laws? Stivers is Boehner’s protege and we can expect some special help from the Boehner.

  • I understand the concern that Stivers will end up favoring his donors and friends but, to be fair, the guy does have a fair amount of banking and securities experience so this doesn’t seem like a totally undeserved appointment.

    Sometimes these committee assignments don’t make any sense at all and you end up with people who spent their life raising hogs making decisions about funding for the arts.

    I’m reminded of the Family Guy episode where Peter forms a new city after the Y2K nuclear holocaust where people select their new careers by pulling tickets from a hat.

    When a doctor shows up in town and selects his career he gets “village idiot.”

    Congratulations! says, Peter. “On Tuesdays, you get to wave your penis at traffic.”

  • Jnjstack

    To be fair? Are you serious?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I’m with Jen this one. We have to keep in mind WHY Stivers is so well-versed on the industry.

    I get what you’re saying Joseph, but I think in this case Stivers’ qualifications are a bit disturbing, not reassuring.

  • Sure I’m serious. I’m obviously not a fan of Stivers. I’m just saying appointing him to Financial Services (or maybe Veterans’ Affairs) makes more sense than giving him Agriculture or Education and Labor.

  • Of course it’s disturbing – and totally worth pointing out. If you didn’t post this I would have.

    But it’s still not surprising.

    The guy has been in the army and he’s worked for banks.

    What else are you going to give him to do?

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