Back when he was running a shadow campaign for Governor starting in 2007 with his “Recharge Ohio” PAC, Governor-elect Kasich talked about two things: 1) Repealing Ohio’s income tax; 2) Repealing Ohio’s estate tax.  Here’s what Kasich said in March 2009 on the estate tax (before officially running for Governor):

Here’s what Governor-elect Kasich said about the estate tax during the general election: [cue crickets]

And here’s why.  A conservative group tried to get a state estate tax repeal as an initiative this year to help turnout the vote for Kasich.  They couldn’t even get enough signatures to get an estate tax repeal in front of the legislature and then the voters.  According to the Columbus Dispatch (Sept. 10, 2009) at the time, now outgoing Senate President Bill Harris announced such a repeal DOA in his chamber:

The Ashland Republican said he’s willing to listen to supporters, but that he wants more information about what the bill does. When told it simply eliminates the tax, Harris said, “If it was that simple, it would have been done a long time ago.”

Previous efforts to limit or kill Ohio’s estate tax have failed, in large part because 80 percent of the revenue goes to local communities. Of the $317 million in estate taxes collected in the 2008 fiscal year, the most-recent data available, the state received $61.4 million and $256 million went to local governments, according to the Ohio Department of Taxation.

Well, guess what the conservative group believes John Kasich is going to do?According to today’s Columbus Dispatch:

A group seeking to repeal Ohio’s estate tax says it will fail to meet the deadline for a second year to file enough signatures to have the legislature consider the plan, but it isn’t discouraged.

That’s because the group hopes the incoming Republican majority in the Ohio House and Republican Gov.-elect John Kasich will take action on their own.

"We’re very encouraged by what we’re hearing," said Jack Boyle of Citizens United to End Ohio’s Estate Tax.

Although he has offered no timetable, Kasich has vowed to end the estate tax, and House Republicans also are expected to take up the issue.

So at the same time John Kasich is making public unions for being responsible for cities having trouble balancing their budgets, Kasich is plotting with economic extremists in his party and the legislature to pass something that will cost Ohio’s cities over a quarter of a billion dollars a year.

Mind you, this is an idea that is so popular, that a group organized to get this on the ballot has already failed twice to do so.  They can’t even get people to sign a petition to put it in front of the legislature or the voting public.  And that’s all this group was formed to do.

And don’t tell me for a moment that Kasich has a plan to replace that revenue with state funding in the midst of this budget cycle, if anything I would be surprised to see the State Local Government Fund terminated as well.

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