I was sitting in my living room last night catching up on my TiVo recordings when I saw this wonderful ‘War on Christmas’ piece from Tuesday’s Daily Show. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the topic so far this year – and right in the right in the middle of it you’ll see a clip of then-Fox News host John Kasich attacking ‘the athiests’ for their ‘War on Christmas’.

The clip is funny enough to be worthy of a post even without the Ohio political connection. However it does seem worth mentioning that John Kasich spent some time during his career with Fox News promoting the idea that Christians and their holidays – especially Christmas – are being victimized by evil, atheists liberals at the ACLU.

Generally it was during the time he spent filling in for Bill O’Reilly – but he’s talked and written about this ‘War on Christmas’ for his own Heartland show as well, including this piece from the Fox News archives in which he claims the War on Christmas is not just hype, and it should be a “rallying point for those who believe that religion in America is under fire from a few non-believers and those who worship at the altar of political correctness.”

The problem , of course, is that this IS just hype. There’s no war on Christmas. No one wants people to stop celebrating their holiday and absolutely no one is stopping you from worshiping whoever, whatever and/or wherever you want. It’s just a made up story only covered on Fox News by people like Bill O’Reilly and John Kasich.

When you get right down to it, the closest thing we have to an actual war on Christmas is the secularization of the holiday and these changes have almost exclusively come from private industry. One could make a very strong case that free market forces have, for years, driven businesses to appeal to the greatest possible audience. Stores have ‘holiday’ sales, restaurants have ‘holiday’ specials, etc.

Yep. The free market is destroying Christmas.

There. I said it. And I think Ronald Reagan just turned slightly in his grave as I typed that.