From the Senator’s press release:

“It’s a great day for New Yorkers and Californians but a truly disappointing one for Ohioans waiting for jobs and waiting for passenger rail.”

“With so many Ohioans struggling, I don’t understand why we would give up on funds that create thousands of jobs and promote millions’ of dollars worth of economic development. It’s not just manufacturing and construction jobs we’re losing, it’s lost economic development opportunities along the proposed route and surrounding the proposed stations.  By turning our backs on this federal investment, we are turning our backs on opportunity to bring rail manufacturing jobs to Ohio.”

“Ohio cannot be an island. If we’re serious about economic development and job creation, we need to connect our state to a nationwide rail system. We cannot accept the status quo of being home to most densely-populated area in the country with no passenger rail service.”

Great job, Kasich.  But hey, did you hear about the double dipping, old white, guy Kasich just nominated to run the Tax Department?  We still don’t have anyone nominated for economic development in the State.

Some “jobs” candidate Kasich turned out to be.

John Kasich didn’t get the jobs done.