Today, the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s editorial page sent Governor-elect Kasich a very strongly worded letter about transparency, and then, of course, let him off the hook with praise:

Ardent criticism, threats of a lawsuit by The Cincinnati Enquirer and the legal advice evidently changed his mind.

At least Kasich’s reversal displayed more pragmatism and flexibility than his foes typically ascribe to him. Both traits could come in handy starting in January.

For those keeping score, when a group of local county officials caucus, that’s is  an unpardonable sin, even when those officials later express regret.  Even though the only thing they met to discuss is who’d they support as a bloc for County Council President and Vice-President.

Kasich, on the other hand, wanted to divvy up state patronage jobs behind closed doors, but he gets commended for finally agreeing to follow to spirit of the law only once his lawyers have told him he has no choice.  That’s not a course correction, that’s a concession to the law.

Which one sounds like they’re acting more like indicted former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora, again?

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