Strickland Kasich 3C Letter

The Dispatch doesn’t even provide its website readers a link to the full letter, even though its available on the Governor’s website.  Instead, it presents the whole thing as a “he said, he said,” never once actually noting that much of what Kasich claims are bunk.

Kasich repeated that there are too many unanswered questions about how many people would ride the train, how fast it would go and how much it would cost the state at a time when it is facing an $8 billion budget shortfall – and that he has his own job-creation agenda to pursue.

"I cannot let my economic programs be derailed by more train," he said. "We have to balance the budget and cut taxes. We are not going to solve the economic problems of job loss in Ohio with just public projects. We have to create an environment in this state where companies want to stay and companies want to come.

"I appreciate the fact that the governor is passionate about this, but during the campaign, we talked about this. There was total clarity: I wasn’t for it; he was. We had an election. The results stand."

Yet again, Kasich fails to realize that if the election was a referendum on the 3C, then the results don’t support his conclusion.  A majority of Ohioans voted for someone other than Kasich.  Regardless, its silly to think that the results of the election can be boiled down to where the candidates stood on the 3c issue.

As Strickland points out in his letter, the 3C plan could start a passenger rail system by 2013 that could run until 2017 or even longer with no support from the State.  So, we don’t need to ax this program due to the budget.  In fact, it’s actually a way for Ohio to improve its revenues without raising taxes due to the stimulative effect the 3c would have on urban economic development.  For that reason, the 3C plan has earned the support of the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus Chambers of Commerce.

If his opposition is that this is a public works project, then why did he go to D.C. just last week and asked Obama to let him use the money to benefit freight rail?  Kasich is being disingenuous with his objections.

As for Kasich’s unanswered questions, which is it?  Is he cancelling the project because he’s carefully studied the issue?  Or because of the “unanswered questions?  Because Kasich cites both as the reason.  After all, Governor Strickland’s letter was in response to Kasich’s letter demanding that Governor Strickland cancel all government contracts that are conducting studies that would answer those very questions.  What we have here is a guy who just doesn’t care.

Again, we have the decide first, ask questions later model of governing by Governor-elect Kasich.  And some other State is about to benefit in $400 million in additional federal economic development money as a result of Kasich’s partisan stubbornness.

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