Senator Eric Kearney State Senator Eric Kearney (D-Cincinnati) is more   willing than U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown to publicly support the tax deal between President Obama and GOP Congressional leaders.

From Senator Kearney’s press release:

Senator Eric H. Kearney (D-Cincinnati) expresses his support for the bi-partisan framework agreement announced by President Obama yesterday, extending unemployment benefits through the end of 2011, allowing each American family to keep their tax cuts for the next two years and improving the environment for job creation.

“President Obama has shown leadership by taking an essential step on the road to recovery,” said Senator Kearney.

The framework agreement secures vital tax relief and investments in American workers that will create jobs and accelerate economic growth. Key elements of the framework agreement include: $56 billion in unemployment insurance, 13-months of unemployment benefits through 2011, and about $120 billion in payroll tax cuts for working families and a continuation of tax credits for working families. 

It also includes a mutually agreed upon solution to the impasse over taxes by extending the 2001/2003 income tax rates for two years. These measures will provide relief to more than 100 million middle-class families and prevent a tax increase of over $2,000 for the typical family. Additional measures also include about $40 billion in tax cuts for our hardest hit families and students, and 100% expensing for businesses next year.

“I fully support President Obama’s efforts and admire his courage in putting this bi-partisan proposal forward,” concluded Senator Kearney.

As way of background, Kearney has served in the State Senate since 2005, succeeding Mark Mallory after Mallory was elected Mayor of Cincinnati.  Kearney was the primary sponsor of SB 210, the “Healthy Choices for Healthy Children Act” that was signed into law by Governor Strickland to improve the nutritional value of foods sold in schools.  Last year, Kearney walked for Cincinnati to Columbus to draw attention to the child obesity epidemic and his legislation to ban junk food from being sold in school vending machines. 

Kearney was an early supporter of President Obama in 2008.  His wife was actually a classmate of President Obama at Harvard Law School.