Remember when John Kasich used to say that any suggestion that he’d be bad for higher education was a “smear” even though he never once offered what his plan for higher education would be?

Well, today, John Kasich finally started sharing that vision (Source: Cincinnati Enquirer):

Ohio’s public colleges are getting the message from Gov.-elect John Kasich: Spend less money and make sure it helps create jobs.

"Just because you’re an egghead doesn’t mean you know how to plug something into a wall," he said in a briefing with new Cincinnati State President O’dell Owens. "They can teach you to do that here."

Kasich doesn’t take office until January and won’t unveil his first budget until mid-March, but public colleges across the state are bracing for budget cuts of 20 percent or more.

"We certainly are preparing ourselves for cuts," Owens said.

Kasich refused to predict what the funding would be or whether the state would put a cap on tuition or college spending. He said higher education spending is rising too quickly.

“You have to get to the root of the problem,” he said. “The root of the problem is, how do we build buildings cheaper, and do we need to build more buildings?”

John Kasich just said you can learn how to plug something into a wall socket if you go to an Ohio community college.

Second, not every undergraduate major is necessarily tied to an immediate job.  I mean there’s a certain irony that a Governor-elect, who earned a political science degree, and drew a fat paycheck teaching seminars at The Ohio State University that had nothing to do with job creation is now telling colleges that they need to cut anything to doesn’t create jobs.

Kasich repeats his earlier criticisms that too much job training money is wasted on… the unemployed:

He said only about $13 million of $150 million in state job-training funds goes to help workers who currently have a job.

“I don’t like the current system. That’s typical government,” Kasich said. “That’s a Disneyland North philosophy.”

I have no idea what Kasich means by a “Disneyland North” philosophy.  I don’t think he does either.  Regardless, I cannot believe we have a guy who is going to be Governor and his biggest criticisms for job training is that we spend too much time and money trying to help the unemployed get skills to find a job in this economy.  In Kasich’s defense, lost in his jumbled job training plan he unveiled during the campaign was:

Create a New Training Voucher That Can Prevent Problems, Not Just React to Them:  Current policies essentially require workers to lose their jobs before they can get workforce training.  That is because only $11 million of Ohio’s $150 million job training budget can be used to train incumbent workers. John Kasich will use revenue from casino license fees to boost funding for incumbent worker training and work with businesses to identify and provide the training they need before crises or job losses occur so workers can keep or upgrade their jobs and businesses can compete.

So, I guess we weren’t warned, but I’d dare say that I’m not alone in walking away from Kasich’s confusing presentation about job retraining and not realizing that he’d be so quick to emphasis helping out employed workers in this economy more than unemployed Ohioans.

So, here’s how it works.  The unemployed workers are left to take what little money they have and hope they can win the jackpot at one of the new casinos to be opened up across the State.  The money from the unemployed who DON’T win the jackpot will be used to help the rest of us receiving training to keep our jobs.  Everybody wins.

I guess when all those unemployed heard Kasich talk incessantly about the Ohioans who lost their jobs, they naturally thought that meant he’d do something to help them out if he won.  Suckers.

Cutting higher education and job training for the unemployed.  This is what’s now being offered by the so-called “jobs” candidate.

November 2014 can’t come soon enough.

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  • Green Iris

    Has Gov.Elect Kasich ever even looked at a job board or want ads? Any open jobs which pay a living wage require at least an associates degree; the associates is the new HS diploma. He might also want to check the enrollment stats at the community colleges around the state. I’d bet 30% of the enrollment is adults being retrained after their factory closed.

  • Stickline65

    stay at home and dont vote red dogs… and get what you deserve blue dogs. When businesses were crashing, schools and universities embarked upon an unprecedented building program. This created economy and through the multiplier effect, a softer landing. Yes there is a limit to what can be done. The govt does need to pass the batton to the private sector. But what if we wake up and there is no private sector….there are no people to deploy cash that is not there. This is a spiraling dream…..let the private sector do it all. Well, the private sector is sitting on its ass.

  • Anonymous

    What Kasich is really saying is this: is multiprime contracting, prevailing wage, and collective bargaining’s fault. I’m interested if Ohio’s pilot program with not using multiprime contracting leads to the promised savings its proponents claim.

    However, it’s all just another continuation of Kasich’s desire to blame organized labor for just about every economic problem Ohio has.
    Pretty shameful for the son of a union postal carrier, if you ask me.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t fault Kasich for saying we should try to be proactive and try to train workers to keep them from losing their jobs instead of afterwards. However, I question whether NOW is the time, in the middle of a budget battle and a slowly recovering economy with still high unemployment, to say we need to move job training dollars away from the currently unemployed to the still employed.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    I cant believe people voted for this guy…… I really understand now how Lehman Bros went down……
    as I always say call the circus they left a funny clown behind –you have to admit he says some really funny stuff– I am at this point thinking hes GWB long lost brother
    by the way have I told you folks yet— I LOVE THIS SITE — I like how you reference your facts

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    PS… call the circus and say he missed the train………………….

  • Delco

    Egghead? Is he speaking from experience as a lecturer that does not knw how to plug something into a wall? Maybe if institutions of higher education would refrain from paying exorbinant speaker fees for former politicians and their best friends, I mean taxi drivers, we could keep a lid on tuition. Odd that he bites the hand that gorged him.

  • Green Iris

    How many times is this happening? Most people are getting retrained because the job is GONE, the company closed.
    Now I understand. He’s saying that its the governments responsibility to help workers gain more advanced skills, and that the business doesn’t have to provide incentives or assistance in house for that. Now THAT sound like Disneyland!
    And Yes, Ohio has elected W again.

  • Green Iris

    Privatize the profit, Socialize the cost of doing business.

    “socialism is OK so long as I’m getting the benefit.”

  • Anonymous

    Not odd at all, Delco. It’s the Republican Way. I got mine, now let me close that door of opportunity to everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    John Kasich doesn’t ride any train. Come on, we all know that.

  • Anonymous

    “Has Gov. Elect Kasich ever even looked at a job board or want ads?”
    No. I don’t think he ever has. His first job out of college was working at the Ohio legislature. Then he ran for office there. Then Congress, then President. That lead to him having connections to land at Lehman Brothers. Now he’s been elected Governor.

    It’s entirely possible this man has never looked at a job board, a want ad, or even a job application his entire life.

  • Anonymous

    Now you’re getting it. Kind of makes his objections to the 3C look even more absurd now, doesn’t it?

  • Great work exposing Kasich’s nasty and vacuous agenda. Please join the Defend Ohio Campaign in giving our new Governor an appropriate welcome. See “Stop Kasich – Before He Gets Started” on Facebook at!/event.php?eid=162944330415727

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