In their story about yesterday’s Ohio Department of Veteran Services appointment, the Dispatch covers Kasich’s response to the lack of diversity so far in his Administration:

Kasich also pointed to his campaign staff and family: "One of the most under-reported elements of my campaign is that I had a woman campaign manager, I have a woman lieutenant governor, I have a woman finance chairman, and I’m married to a woman with two daughters, OK? I’ve said all along, I really wish I could get some guys around me. That didn’t happen because I was playing some sort of a numbers game. I did it because these are the best people, and that’s what we’ll continue to do."

In other news, John Kasich apparently believes he would have had sons but he couldn’t find anyone qualified.  (Sorry, Jon Keeling.)  Campaign finance chairs are largely ceremonial/figurehead type positions with no real duties.

Did this guy really just cite his marriage to a woman as evidence of his commitment to diversity?  And the appropriate term is “female,” not “woman.”  Or you say: “I have women in many prominent roles in both my campaign and Administration…” and then give examples.  You don’t refer to Mary Taylor, the current State Auditor as your “woman Lt. Governor.”

He comes off as sounding like “What’s your prob?  I love chicks, but I just can’t see them being in charge of a State agency.”  Seriously, I can’t imagine a worst response to question about commitment to diversity in hiring practices than talking like Kasich does.

Chicks Man!

And does he not understand there other components of diversity besides just gender?

Does Kasich believe that same-sex marriage amounts to gender discrimination?!?