Moe, you may recall, testified against the nomination of Justice Kagan to the United States Supreme Court based on the fact that while Dean of the Harvard Law School banned military recruiters on campus due to the military’s anti-GLBT discriminatory policies such as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”—a policy so repugnant that the Pentagon has signaled its desire to see Congress repeal it.  He also chaired Ohio Veterans for McCain in support of the man Moe got to know while being a P.O.W. for five years in Hanoi.

Moe is also the honorary chair and founding member of Ohio Veterans United, a relatively obscure veterans group with only 2,000 “members”* that formed only two years ago and endorsed Kasich—an endorsement Kasich touted as evidence that his prior support of drastic cuts for veterans didn’t matter because “the veterans just endorsed him.” So, there’s definitely been a past desire to overstate how representative this group really is of all Ohio veterans.

It’s stated goals:

“We support limited government, lower taxes, personal freedom with responsibility, elimination of government waste, responsible spending of taxpayer dollars, a free-market enterprise, and the enforcement of Law and Order.”

In other words, support Republicans and the conservative ideology, and it has very little with actual veterans’ issues.  And by “limited government,” we don’t mean anything that would affect the entitlement programs available to veterans, just non-veterans, apparently.

I wonder how many people will ask Kasich and Moe today how much veterans in Ohio can expect to lose in the next budget?

In addition to his honorable and heroic service to his country, Moe served as the Fairfield County Director of Emergency Management until 2006.  In 2009, he was inducted into the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame. (Source: Coschocton Tribune.)

Is Moe qualified for the job?  Absolutely.  But this pick is more about rewarding an ideological ally and potentially elevating the visibility and “prestige” of Moe’s obscure ideological veterans group than anything else.  Let’s be clear about that.

* (The 2,000 figure of “members” is what the group self-reports is the number of people they have contact with, a rather broad standard to count membership by.  By that standard, this site would be a political juggernaut in comparison.)

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