The Wheeling Intelligencer is a conservative West Virginia paper that operates just across the Ohio River, but has some circulation in Ohio.   It is one of those newspapers that endorsed Kasich that his supporters were crowing about as if it were an achievement.  Nothing reveals how much a paper is in the tank for a guy than seeing how it changes their story to constantly keep Kasich in a favorable light.  Take, the “Race to the Top” (RTTP”) funding issue, for example.

When Kasich claimed that the U.S. Secretary of Education told Kasich in a private conversation that Kasich’s plan to scrap the evidence-based school funding model would have no impact on Ohio’s ability to retain RTTP money, the West Virginia paper chided Strickland for suggesting otherwise:

One example is Strickland’s claim that, in effect, Ohioans had thrown away $400 million in school improvement money by electing Kasich. That simply is not true.

Now that the U.S. Department of Education has suggested it is true, the Wheeling Intelligencer, naturally, changes its tune to:

As a first step, Kasich and legislators should consider whether "Race to the Top" money will benefit Ohio schools – and whether it will lock them into unnecessary, extravagant local and state spending in the future.

It may be that Ohio would not benefit from the program. If so, Kasich and lawmakers should tell Duncan "thanks, but no thanks."

Yep, from “shame on Strickland for implying Kasich was jeopardizing such a worthy school reform program” to “what money?” all in the speed it took us to publish an e-mail from a spokeswoman.

Is John Kasich’s JobsOhio plan going to pass out our limited economic development resources as liberally as he insists the federal government should do with its money?

I mean, under the Kasich Administration, if he gives millions in tax credits to IBM to build a manufacturing plant, and they decide to open a small coffee shop instead, is he okay with that?  I mean, don’t we need to give the private sector enough “flexibility” to create jobs as they see fit to solve their problems?

If not, then what’s the difference between that and his complaints against the federal government?