Before the 2006 elections, the Republicans passed a bill that prohibited a person to run both for a federal and state office at the same time.  The bill was introduced for no other reason than Republicans believed that then Congressman Ted Strickland might be planning to run for both his Congressional seat and for Governor to hedge his bets.

If they thought taking away his ability to keep his Congressional seat dissuaded him, the Republicans failed.  Strickland ran for governor and won while his seat went to Charlie Wilson.

Shouldn’t the General Assembly consider a similar bill in their lame duck to consider resolving the Grendell problem?

Although nobody is disputing that what Grendell did was perfectly legal, there seems to be nearly equal agreement that what he did should not be legal.  (Even the Columbus Dispatch has criticized Grendell in its editorial pages!)

So, seriously, why not just pass a bill saying you can’t hold onto an elected position if you’ve ran for another and won?  I think the only person to object would be Grendell and it’s probably the closest thing we can likely get from his legislative colleagues to go on the record and condemn his office swamping ploys.

Either that or Kasich could appoint Grendell into oblivion.  Heck, even I would applaud that one.

What do you say, Johnny?  Be your best friend!