Apparently, Governor-elect John Kasich believes that the U.S. Constitution requires the federal government to provide funding for the State and never put any conditions on how that money is to spent or allow the federal government to point out that the States have their own way to generate revenues to fund their solutions if they don’t like what comes with that federal money.

Seriously, if Kasich doesn’t like the strings that come with federal funding, then the State could just—and I’m just spitballing here—come up with the money itself, right?

Or in “Tea Party” language, where does it say in the Constitution that the federal government has to give the States ANY money, let alone unconditionally?

I know, that’s just crazy talk…

  • Guest

    Hey John,
    Using a common refrain from you and your radical friends: “follow the constitution” both state and federal.

    The casino issue was written by the casino interests and they decided how much taxes they wanted to pay and Ohioans agreed. And if you want federal dollars, you have to take the strings attached. Don’t like the strings, don’t take the money. So simple a cave man can understand.


  • Anonymous

    GEICO is soooo going to sue us, now. 🙂

    Good point, though.

    I’m stunned at “conservatives” who are applauding Kasich for standing up for that completely made-up constitutional principle that the federal government cannot collect revenues it then gives to the States with conditions to control how the State spends such money.

    It’s not Ohio’s money. If Ohio doesn’t like the federal government strings, free up or raise your own revenues.

  • J-Dog

    Impeach Kasich!

  • YesICanton

    Just ran across this site researching the election. Saw an article with the title: OH-18: You know that poll that show Gibbs tied. Yeah, it’s crap.” Your article said Gibbs didn’t have a chance. Gibbs won by 14 points. Is this one of those I’m so far left I’m on another planet sites? Sheesh, at least show some sense of reality. Otherwise you lose total credibility except with the far, far fringe left. Sites this partisan are why us independents ran as fast as we could away from candidates like Zack Space. Plunderbund’s unabashed partisanship helped turn Ohio into one of the biggest Republican success stories.

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  • Anonymous

    We were surprised as alot of people were that Space wound up vulnerable to a do-nothing freshman Senator with little money. But just because Gibbs wound up winning doesn’t mean that the criticisms about his internal campaign polling weren’t valid.

    But, you’re right. Had I not written that post, Space would have won. (snark alert).

    I’d note that the post you’re attacking mentions Republican sources who said at the time of August they thought the race wasn’t within reach. The polling changed and they and other outside groups dumped a ton of money to get Gibbs in. Things change in politics. You can’t take one post in time, months before the election, and say what you try to make of it.

  • Davemccauslin

    Impeach Kasich. The man has no idea how government works. Get him out of office now before he does additional harm to OH.

  • way2old

    Ohioans seriously need to start the impeachment of John Kasich now , before he completely destroys our state

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