Bill Cohen is reporting that John Kasich wants to raise taxes on the coming Ohio casinos.

According to Kasich: “I don’t think the state is getting its fair share from the casinos… There’s got to be a way for the state to benefit more from these casinos.”

Kasich, of course, refused to take any follow up questions from Bill, probably because he suddenly realized he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

Kasich says the casino tax situation is “complicated” but it is actually very straight forward.

Voters approved a constitutional amendment that requires the state to “levy a fixed tax of 33% of gross casino revenue received by each casino operator of the four casino facilities.”

And the language in the Amendment (and now in the Constitution) strictly forbids any other types of taxes or fees:

Except as otherwise provided in section 6(C), no other casino gaming-related state or local fees, taxes, or other charges (however measured, calculated, or otherwise derived) may be, directly or indirectly, applied to, levied against, or otherwise imposed upon gross casino revenue, casino operators, their operations, their owners, or their property.

The rate is fixed. And unless he can get a new amendment approved to alter the rate, it’s going to stay fixed.

To be honest, I actually agree with Kasich on this one. I think we definitely should be getting more taxes from the Casinos.

Then again, I wasn’t just elected Governor based on my platform of CUTTING taxes and REDUCING government regulation of businesses.