It’s been a little over a year since I came over to Plunderbund.  When I made the jump, it was the collective decision we all made that while snark and biting commentary would always be part of our blogging, we needed to get a little more engaged and professional in how we covered things.  In other words, we wanted to be the first blog in Ohio to move away from the cheap seats and be more engaged directly in the reporting of Ohio political news from all angles. 

We spent much of the past year developing relationships with sources so we could do more actual reporting.  We’re moving towards more of an objective, less speculative, manner in presenting Ohio political news from a progressive perspective.  You saw a lot of that in my discussions about “Troopergate,” for example, this year.

We’re continuing that trend throughout the next year.  By early next year (if not sooner), Jason Sullivan (a.k.a. “Bonobo”) from Blue Bexley will be joining us on the site as a contributor.  I’ve been a long time fan of Sullivan’s and am looking forward to seeing his content here. We’re still working on commitments on some other prospects as well. 

Eric Vessels, you probably noticed, doesn’t rock out content like he used to.  That’s because Eric is transitioning into a Business Manager role for the site to secure advertising to not only keep the site up, but to give us the financial resources to leverage into better coverage.  (All Modern wants for Christmas is a GONGWER account.)  It also helps us to have somewhat of a wall between our content generators (like me) and our advertising without which gets into some sticky ethical situations.

Next year, you know you can count on us to serve as voice for the majority of Ohioans who opposed the election of John Kasich as Governor and Mike DeWine as Attorney General.  We’ll be a progressive watchdog on the new Republican majorities in the Ohio General Assembly and the U.S. House of Representatives.

We’ll continue to develop our relationships to give you more original content along with the same commentary and analysis you’ve come to expect from us.  However, while there will be some considerable additions to the site this year, there is one notable loss effective immediately.

Tim Russo has left the site over creative differences.  In short, Tim simply didn’t agree with the rest of the PlunderCrew over the direction we had discussed back when Eric was talking to us about coming over here, and we just simply couldn’t find a way to resolve these differences.  It’s unfortunate, and I honestly don’t know what Tim is planning to do next.  If Tim plans on blogging somewhere else, we’ll be sure to let you know, so you can continue to follow him.  We all wish him the best of luck.  Personally, we wish we could have worked it out, but I’m sure Tim will do fine as he always had on his own or elsewhere.

As always, we appreciate your support, and we hope you’ll continue to like what you see from us as we attempt to continue to grow and develop this site.

Thank you.

  • Tim did not leave the site. His password got changed. Which means the site kicked him out.

  • Anonymous

    Your password was changed when you made it clear to us that you no longer wanted to be part of the collected vision and direction of this site. It’s hardly unusual for a site to cancel a member’s posting rights when such an event occurs. We even waited a few days to see if you’d change your mind. You didn’t.

    You left us. You were not kicked out. You made it perfectly clear you no longer wanted to work with us, despite numerous attempts by us in the past week to try and resolve our differences and to try to communicate with you. You told us, to go “f*ck” ourselves instead.

    That, and plenty of other things you said, made it clear you weren’t interested in working things out and wanted to go a separate direction from the rest of us. We wish you the best of luck.

  • funny how i had 7 interviews lined up or already in the can when i decided to leave. did you call CWA yet to tell them i decided to leave? or are you planning to cash their check?


  • Anonymous

    Tim, seriously, nobody wants to see this back and forth publicly. If you had seven interviews, that’s news to us because, again, you refused to talk to us. All we got was hung up phone calls and text messages telling us to go fuck ourselves as we tried to get some resolution as to the unified direction for the site together with you an intregal part of the site. Instead, you made it perfectly clear you weren’t willing to work with us on that.

    You’re free to do whatever you want now. Eric’s already tried to discuss the situation with the CWA check. You’ve (again) refuse to respond on that issue, apparently only until you decide to bring it up publicly on a comment on our blog.

    Eric already TOLD you that we haven’t cashed the check, and we’re planning on sending it back to them. We intentionally DIDN’T cash it because we were hoping we could resolve this in a way that you could stay here. But since you made it clear to us you aren’t interested in working together, we decided the best thing to do is send the CWA the check back.

    Your comments now are nothing more than historic revisionism so you can try to play the victim card. You told us that you weren’t willing to work with us anymore in no uncertain terms. If you’ve had a change of heart, this is a weird way to unwind it.

  • was all this before or after you stopped taking my calls? i’m confused.

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  • Modern Esquire

    When did you try calling Eric or I since we all talked on Wednesday that we refused to take your call? Zero.

    When did you text us since we last talked on Wednesday that we didn’t respond? Zero.

    E-mails? Zero.

    I talked to you twice on Monday and was in court most of Tuesday and then had to take care of my son who was sick. We talked with Eric for over an hour on Wednesday.

    (I’m sure the rest of you are just enthralled with this, no?)

    Seriously, Tim, cut it out. What you’re trying to say is nonsense.

  • Pelikan

    “Tim, seriously, nobody wants to see this back and forth publicly.”

    Uh, yeah we do. : )

  • Mary Jo

    Tim’s posts were the most interesting thing on this blog.

  • Pelikan

    Let me say to the Plundercrew that if you’re going to make a move for more independent “journalism” – Bravo! There’s no reason why a site like this can’t give us the biting commentary based on what’s reported in the “old” media but break some of your own stories, or report on the under-reported.

    As someone who was digitally “watched” Tim Russo’s life/career through BI then Plunderbund, I always felt that Eric gave Tim an opportunity to be involved in something bigger than himself. Let’s face it, from Tim’s own blogging on BI, his personal decision-making seemed to border on “Shit Show.” After reading the comments after this post – and I’ve no reason to believe Modern’s explanations are anything but the truth – it seems that in the end when you mess with the bull, sometimes you get the horns.

    The thing is, I’ll check in over at BI from time to time like I always did. Tim is creative, informed and most importantly often funny. I hope he finds his place – and I hope you all end up friends.

  • Anonymous

    You’re killing me…

  • Anonymous

    I’ll second that. We wish Tim the best. I’ll be a regular reader of Tim as I was before we worked together here.

  • Rgtmwlly

    What? You guys are completely dysfunctional? I can’t believe it. No one could ever have guessed that looking at your stuff.

  • Nifty Lawrence

    So now I’ll have to go to a different blog to read about about how Joe the Plumber is most certainly gay, there’s no way possible that’s Sarah Palin’s baby, and the departure of Bill Mason is imminent? Will it be affiliated with the National Enquirer?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, Nifty, but it turns out Tim’s hanging it up. He told Eric he’s not even planning to relaunch his old Blogger Interrupted site.

  • I believe I wrote about Sarah Palin’s baby. Don’t remember anything about a gay plumber though.

  • Guest

    Hey Modern,
    Who is covering Cleveland politics then?

    being non- partisan

  • Anonymous

    We’re hiring. We can’t offer any pay for it right now.

    Yeah, that really hurts our potential applicant pool. But if anyone is ever interested in becoming a front-pager (whether or not you can cover Cleveland politics), there’s an open invitation just to contact us over e-mail and let us know.

    We were already looking to expand our number of contributors. You interested?

  • Last I looked you expanded your contributor pool by having a paid spokesperson for a client you were covering set up an account to front page at this blog. Sounds to me like you guys are all staffed up now!

  • Oh, and where’s Jason Sullivan? I thought you guys had landed Lebron or something….isn’t he a new contributor? Where’s his stuf?

  • Dave

    Snark is to Blogging as Conflict is to Fiction.

  • and fetchin’ beats wretchin’ like scratchin’ cures itchin’

  • Anonymous

    Last I checked, you signed off on that decision before you told us you “didn’t care” about the credibility of the site and told us to go fuck ourselves.

    And yet again, Tim, we’re not “covering up” for anyone. As I’ve told you repeatedly on that front, you are completely WRONG (again.) Quit making things up.

  • Mary Jo

    Why don’t you guys work something out?

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