From the daily archives: Monday, November 29, 2010

Seriously, I wonder how thick the concrete wall must be that you have to regularly bash your head into just so one is capable of writing an editorial for the Columbus Dispatch.  Saturday’s editorial was a real treat in “Kasich can do no wrong, Strickland no right” land.

His primary product toward that end was his "evidence-based model" for funding schools – a plan that called for steep increases in education spending, without providing any way to pay for them.

Part of that way was the “Race to the Top,” a $400 million grant program that was part […]

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Yesterday I quickly covered some recent reporting from the Dispatch and the PD about State Rep. Mike Foley’s foreclosure bill (HB3) that could have helped keep a good many Ohioans from having to suffer through the trauma of a foreclosure. The bill passed the House with bipartisan support nearly a year and a half ago and has been waiting for some action from the Senate ever since.

And now that Senate President Bill Harris has all but said this bill is going to die – along with another foreclosure-related bill introduced in the Senate by Republican Shannon Jones – […]

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Getting over the long holiday weekend, I just read Anastasia’s post at Ohio Daily Blog on Friday’s ridiculous item in the Cleveland Plain Dealer defending Kasich’s lack of transparency in hiring.  Anastasia says all that needs to be said about the Plain Dealer’s partisan hypocrisy.

Imagine after all the Cuyahoga County hiring scandals, if the new County Administration with Ed Fitzgerald acted this way.  Tell me that the Plain Dealer wouldn’t be screaming bloody murder.  Also, notice that the Governor-elect is trying a new rationale to justify the secrecy.

The Dayton Daily News joins […]

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It looks like Tim is in the process of relaunching Blogger Interrupted, as it’s now got an “under construction” sign on its homepage. 

If we find out differently, we’ll let you know.  Just thought those of you who want to follow Tim would like to know where to bookmark.

Again, despite the intra-blogging drama, we wish Tim the best of luck back at Blogger Interrupted.

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State of Plunderbund

On November 29, 2010 By

It’s been a little over a year since I came over to Plunderbund.  When I made the jump, it was the collective decision we all made that while snark and biting commentary would always be part of our blogging, we needed to get a little more engaged and professional in how we covered things.  In other words, we wanted to be the first blog in Ohio to move away from the cheap seats and be more engaged directly in the reporting of Ohio political news from all angles. 

We spent much of the past year developing relationships with sources so […]

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