Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we imagine most of you are anxiously looking forward to that TSA Thanksgiving travel groping the media has been preparing you for a week now.ThanksgivingWhether you and your family dine on Turkey, Tofurky, or that The Human Centipedeinspired atrocity known as Turducken, please remember the reason for this holiday as expressed by the nation’s retailers—a feast on Thursday so you can go all of Black Friday with no food you glorious and magnificent consuming bastards!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  • An update from the front lines: I just went through airport security. The lines were much longer than normal and full of people with kids and golf clubs, but extra lines were open and extra personnel were working. The whole process was relatively efficient given the large number of amateurs out there today.

    Still, I’d like to officer some quick advice for people new to air travel based on what I saw today though:

    1. Yes, you really do have to take your shoes off. Even if you aren’t wearing socks.

    2. Yes, shampoo does count as a liquid (and just because the 12 ounce bottle is less than a quarter full doesn’t mean it counts under the 3.4 ounce limit)

    and I know I’ve said this many times before but…

    3. A guitar is NOT a carry on!

  • Adrienne Knight


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