Looking over the recent appointment announcements from John Kasich I can’t help but wonder why he can’t seem to attract anyone to work in his administration that isn’t a Taft/Voinovich retread or a state legislator – all people for whom a cabinet spot is actually a pay increase (State Senators make about $60K/yr, BWC director makes nearly $190K/yr).

Where are all his CEO buddies who want to come help run government like a business?

Maybe John just hasn’t had time to sort through the thousands of resumes he received on his private website yet?

Or maybe all the business types realize that Kasich’s promise to cut taxes and use only spending cuts to plug the $8 billion budget hole is unrealistic?

Or maybe they are all waiting for a job with secret bonuses on the newly privatized department of development?

I’m not exactly sure. But so far none of John’s problem-solving, free-marking wielding “business leaders” seems to have stepped up to help him out. And it seems pretty likely that none of them wants anything to do with a cratering state budget.

  • Vel

    King John Knoweth that the Duke of West Chester, John of Orange, shall have the Imperial Congress bestow funds upon the King of Ohio, as has been done in the year before. Indeed, despite being an mere unwashed rustic, GOP State Rep Amstutz has already declared the need of the masses of Ohio, due to their lowly birth, to be in need of alms from the Imperial Congress. And although his Royal Majesty, King John, knoweth that the unraveling of idleness and poverty is yet more poverty and idleness through austerity, these funds of the Imperial Congress will be reluctantly given, and humbly accepted .

    And all of this will be excused by teabaggers because the leaders doing it are white males with R’s next to their names. For some reason it makes them fell better. Go fig.

  • Guest

    Who want wants to take a pay cut? They already have their boys (John Kasich etc.)in office to take care of them. What is it: “Don Corleone has all the judges and political in his pocket.

    Why work for the people of Ohio when you can have them work for you?
    More Voinovich/Taft retreads : new way eh John? Sucker!
    LOL! T his is going to be entertaining.

  • Jporter

    Do Kasich’s picks reflect the revenge of the white males? It’s an awful pale looking male dominated rural group of appointees. Maybe this is affirmative action for white males which is guiding Kasich’s picks.

  • You and Vel both make a good point about the while males in his cabinet. There’s a post coming on the topic but I figured I’d give him a chance to make a few more announcements first.

    In addition to no minorities and maybe a token woman here or there, you’ll probably see only Republicans as well.

  • cbusdem

    apparently his motto is ‘new way, new day, same old white guys’

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure if any of the cabinet agencies specialize in the “little decisions” that he likes the ladies to make.

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