From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Looking over the recent appointment announcements from John Kasich I can’t help but wonder why he can’t seem to attract anyone to work in his administration that isn’t a Taft/Voinovich retread or a state legislator – all people for whom a cabinet spot is actually a pay increase (State Senators make about $60K/yr, BWC director makes nearly $190K/yr).

Where are all his CEO buddies who want to come help run government like a business?

Maybe John just hasn’t had time to sort through the thousands of resumes he received on his private website yet?

Or maybe all the business types […]

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When Ted Strickland appointed Marsha Ryan to head the Bureau of Workers Compensation he put a well-respected leader with many years of public and private sector experience (most recently vice president for customer operations for American Electric Power ) at the top of an organization nationally known for scandals and mismanagement (Tom Noe, Coingate, etc.)

Those scandals were the culmination of a lot of bad choices that were never called into question because Republican’s controlled the entire state. Excessive campaign contributions by questionable people with shady and often unethical goals eventually led to a 1996 law passed by the […]

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After originally saying he was putting the lottery commission’s plans for slot machines at racetracks on hold, John Kasich backtracked a little last week. He’s now saying “he doesn’t really gamble but he’s not opposed to it” and he thinks “the revenue can be valuable.”

The Republican Governor-elect now says he will study the plan to put video lottery terminals at the state’s racetracks and, not surprisingly, we haven’t heard a peep from Loparo and his pals at who were so opposed to the idea when it was presented by Democratic Governor Ted Strickland. is composed […]

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Not long ago a bunch of homophobic Republicans filibustered the Defense Authorization Bill because they don’t want to allow gay and lesbian soldiers to serve openly in the US military.

And today the RNC sent me an email promoting their new GOP holiday schwag including a 5 inch long, sock-stuffing elephant named “Twinkle”…

Meet “Twinkle,” the newest member of our adorable line of collectable RNC plush elephants! “Twinkle” is ready for merriment and makes a perfect stocking stuffer for all your little Republicans who have been so good this year… Actual size 5″

Enough said.

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