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Seeking clarity

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I just want to make sure I’ve got this correct:

Endless detention without trial for accusations in which the evidence against you is kept from you in your defense.  Okay. Denying habeas corpus. Okay. Warrantless wiretapping and data mining of domestic U.S. calls, including those made by and between U.S. citizens. Okay. Having a TSA agent touch your junk to see if you’re hiding an actual rocket in your pocket and not because your happy to see said TSA agent.  Bad.

We’ve apparently finally seen where the American people will draw the line between the competing societal interests of civil […]

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Earlier today, Joseph wrote about how the Cincinnati Enquirer editorial board, whom they endorsed over Governor Strickland, over his lack of transparency with State hiring of political patronage jobs.

Well, you can add the Canton Repository to that list, too.

Gov.-elect John Kasich has been promising to conduct state business differently from his predecessor. But if that means conducting state business in the dark, it’s a promise he needs to break.

He doesn’t have to do so, his aide said, because the website is privately operated, and he doesn’t want to do so because he […]

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Here’s the second glaring error in Tim’s post on Sunday:

For example, suddenly, it required a background check to get paid to canvass.  I cannot think of a single practice more certain to alienate you in the black community, where the vast majority of the people who need this type of work have criminal records.  Then, they paid in checks, which required a trip to a check cashing joint that charges insane fees.

Gang (and Tim), meet Grassroots Solutions, the Ohio Democratic Party’s GOVT paid canvassing vendor that has been overlooked in this entire […]

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I’m not sure what possessed Tim to write the “last word” on street money and ODP on Sunday because he was quite aware that I had interviewed Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern on Friday for a story to be published today.  Regardless, before I can even get to Redfern’s interview, I need to point out some obvious errors in Tim’s post.

We’ve written about the long simmering resentment against ODP and Ted Strickland among the elected officials, the activists, the ministers, and other leaders in the African American community, over perceived disrespect, past episodes like the chair […]

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Late last week I wrote about how the Enquirer’s editorial staff should be pissed off at John Kasich for telling them he was going to be all about transparency and accessibility and then immediately proving those statements to be lies mere weeks after winning the election.

It turns out they were, in fact, quite offended by Kasich’s recent announcement to keep private the resumes of job applicants for public jobs. So much so that they wrote a thoroughly scathing editorial on Friday.

In case you didn’t catch it, here are some highlights:

Here’s what the GOP gubernatorial […]

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