Kasich next Cabinet appointment was announced yesterday.  It’s for the Department of Administrative Services.  Yep, another agency that the House Republicans have pledged to eliminate through consolidation.

How else can you interpret this but to say that Kasich has no intention to adopt House Bill 25—the House Republican’s signature government reform/budget cutting measure?  After all, why would he be making his early appointment announcements in agencies specifically targeted by Republicans to eliminate?

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    Consolidating agencies will just make them bigger and it will also be harder to keep track of what they are doing and NOT doing. Maybe thats it- to make these agencies so large that he can bonus away and no will ever see it!
    I have looked at this and cant see where it saves any money. Which is suppose to be his main goal —
    I have no words to describe what I think hes doing — wheres the reason to any of this stuff — all I know is Ohio had better be on the watch 24/7

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