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Kaisch: I’ll sit down with ‘unions that make things’

“With organized labor, look, the public-employee unions, particularly the teachers’ union, you know how I feel about them,” Kasich said during the Republican Governors Association’s annual meeting in San Diego this week, where there was a lot of talk from the governors and governors-elect about reigning in public employees’ pay and benefits.

“But for the unions that make things, I’m going to sit down with them. And I’ll tell you what, they’re going to become part of the solution, not part of this problem. And I’m going to give them a full opportunity to participate. … We’re going to give everybody a chance to pitch in.”

John Kasich’s dad was a postal carrier.  He was represented by a public employee union.  He wasn’t part of a union that “made things.”

And I don’t believe for a moment that young Johnny Kasich was ashamed that his daddy didn’t make anything but a living wage that kept young Johnny clothed, fed, and warm and dry with a roof over his head. 

John Kasich could cut every public union benefit he could identify.  It wouldn’t add up to substantial savings at all.

John Kasich needs to understand that public employee unions are the enemy, they’re part of his Administration.  And they’re people with kids… like lil’ Johnny Kasich from McKees Rock, Pennsylvania was once.

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  • guest

    Comes middle of Jan 2011 he will be a state employee–wonder how he would feel if he knew while he talks like a Chatty Kathy Doll that the unions are preparing for a battle — and has he forgotten the right to form unions is more than likely a right that state employees have — sorry,, I think hes doing his dad a great injustice — if it werent for the union his dad belonged to he would have never gotten a raise to send ol Johnny boy to school etc– what a shame he has forgotten where he did come from — but you know what they say about Karma — and what goes around comes around — his buddie Chris Christie (I think ) started all this antagonism against labor unions– sad people cant see without unions you wouldnt have a decent wage rate or no benefits — these are perks that are provided by employers — I think its pitiful that a company will not reward its workers with decent wages and health care when they give so much of themselves to a place — just makes the company more profits that the worker never sees

  • Guest

    Yes, “they” are people with kids. Whom the cost of employing should be re-visited in the face of an $8 billion hole in the budget.

    What would you cut? Which taxes would you raise? Or would you just ask Santa Obama for another bailout?

    Ted Strickland lost because he was the governor and he demonstrated that he did not have an answer to these questions. Now it’s Kasich’s turn (Ha, Ha). And we’ll see.

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