Note to Tea Partiers:  State Senator Tim Grendell is treading on you.

Today The Dispatch is reporting that Tim Grendell (Our buddy the chairman in the Troopergate nonsense) may not serve in the position for which he ran and was elected:

Saying he doesn’t want to leave his constituents with someone “who is not consistent with the values I’ve represented,” Sen. Timothy J. Grendell is contemplating staying in the Ohio Senate instead of moving to the House seat he won on Election Day.

You get that? Tim Grendell essentially says to hell with the will of the people and would like to appoint a hand picked person to take his Senate spot or he’s just going to stay there and hand pick the House spot – he hopes.

Grendell was himself originally appointed to a House seat in 2000 when his wife vacated it after she was elected to the 11th District Court of Appeals. He ran and won this Senate seat in 2004.

There’s a word for this. Carousel of Corruption. Nepotism gone wild. Republicans will tell their constituents they are fighting for them, but really they are fighting for one another to continue to hold power within small circles.

The rumor is that Grendell wants to appoint his wife back to the seat. Unbelievable. I’ve heard of creatively bypassing term limits but this reaches right up there to the height of misrepresenting voters. There are people in this district who will now get screwed twice by not getting who they voted for serving in either seat.

These Republicans don’t care about honorably representing their constituents. They view them as mere electoral tools to be discarded once the votes are cast. Business as Usual™ from there. It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad.