From the daily archives: Friday, November 19, 2010

Jon Keeling writes about the prospect that Ohio will lose $800 million in federal 3C passenger rail start up and education reform money because of John Kasich’s specific campaign promises to cancel those plans.

Naturally, Keeling says: It’s all Ted Strickland’s fault.

And Keeling is absolutely right.  It’s totally Ted Strickland’s fault. 

After all, if Governor Strickland hadn’t gotten nearly that $1 billion in federal funding for Ohio in the first place, John Kasich wouldn’t have to reject it.

Makes perfect sense, right?

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Earlier today, Eric wrote about how State Senator Tim Grendell  has now suddenly decided that he didn’t want to take the House seat he was just elected to, but instead stay for the remaining two years of his Senate terms, which he cannot run for re-election for due to term limits.

First, let’s cover the things the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that makes this story look even worse:

Not only does Grendell now suddenly want to say in the Senate, he’s now campaigning to be elected into a leadership position. “Rep. Richard Hollington, a 78-year-old Republican who was […]

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Back in September John Kasich told the Cincy Enquirer that his administration would be all about transparency and accessibility.

The paper’s editors subsequently endorsed Mr. Kasich.

And I can only imagine they are feeling pretty deceived based on the events of the past two days.

A few days ago we discussed Kasich’s private website that was accepting resumes for public jobs and how this lack of transparency seemed to go against everything Kasich was promising during the campaign. Yesterday Kasich made it official when he announced he would be keeping the application information private.

Most […]

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Note to Tea Partiers:  State Senator Tim Grendell is treading on you.

Today The Dispatch is reporting that Tim Grendell (Our buddy the chairman in the Troopergate nonsense) may not serve in the position for which he ran and was elected:

Saying he doesn’t want to leave his constituents with someone “who is not consistent with the values I’ve represented,” Sen. Timothy J. Grendell is contemplating staying in the Ohio Senate instead of moving to the House seat he won on Election Day.

You get that? Tim Grendell essentially says to hell with the will of the […]

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