I know a lot of Republicans read Plunderbund.  I assume they are all patriotic Americans.  So we’re gonna go back to Tim, Guy Who Lived And Worked In The Former Soviet Republics, Russo. Just for you guys. 

The New START treaty with Russia, signed by President Obama, replaces the old START treaties with the Soviet Union, which reduced both nuclear arsenals and, most importantly, guaranteed access to nuclear facilities to both sides for verifying the cuts.  Trust but verify.  Familiar?  Yeah.  Republicans love that phrase, because Ronald Reagan made it famous.

The “verify” part takes on new meaning post 9/11, because of the loose nukes at all of these sites since the USSR’s collapse.  If there is any window of opportunity to get to those sites, and walk out with a weapon, or nuclear material for a weapon, Al Qaeda will do it.

There has been just such a window for almost a year while the New START treaty has awaited ratification by the US Senate, blocked the entire way by Republicans more fearful of making President Obama look good, than of loose nukes in the hands of Al Qaeda.  Today, Dick Lugar, who is the Senate’s foremost expert on the Russian arsenal, and efforts to reduce and control it, called out his fellow Republicans.

In a stunning rebuke to members of his own caucus, Senate Foreign Relations Committee ranking Republican Richard Lugar (R-IN) said on Wednesday that the GOP is intentionally trying to put off a vote on the New START treaty with Russia, and avoiding a serious discussion about the treaty within the caucus.

And Lugar begged Democrats to call Republicans’ bluff and call a vote.  On the off chance that Democrats in the US Senate have any vestige of a spine left, and do follow Lugar’s advice…..and before the litany of Republican bloggers in Ohio gets on some high horse about this, may I remind them of the following.

Matt Naugle could walk up to one of these sites with a bag of money and walk away with a warhead.  That’s how insecure these places can be.  I know, I’ve lived there.  Leaving this treaty unverified leaves the US without any verification at all of these sites, and no human intelligence around them, and if Al Qaeda hasn’t already used your Republican created window to get to them, they are on their way to do precisely that, and are praying that you succeed in killing this treaty.

No one will forget that.

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