I have it on good authority that The Lancer Group, the outfit which was hired to implement the ODP’s street money operation, has actually paid some people who were not canvassers and has yet to pay some who were canvassers, because of poor record keeping.  This story is still developing.  If anyone is reading this who needs to resolve payment, there is contact info for The Lancer Group in this comment.

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    Not a surprise if you research who the Lancer Group leadership is (anyone who thought Lieberman would make a good President should never be trusted with anything):

    “The Washington, D.C.-based firm hired about 2200 Ohioans, and a small percentage of them were not paid at all or received less than they were owed, said Harold Gist, a co-owner of the firm”

    See http://www.gwu.edu/~action/2004/lieberman/lieborg.html
    which lists key staff for the ill fated 2004 Joe Lieberman for President team …

    “Senior Advisor Harold Gist
    (announced Sept. 8, 2003) focusing on African-American outreach and general field operations…Gist held senior positions in the Clinton Administration, DNC, and the 1992 and 1996 Clinton-Gore campaigns. He is currently Managing Principal of the Lancer Group, a public affairs consulting firm…”

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