Part of the job of a new administration is to fill unclassified positions. When Ted Strickland was elected Governor four years ago he moved his transition team into state offices and he set up an official website at to accept resumes from people looking to work for the state.

That is how the process is supposed to work.

Not with John Kasich.

As Modern pointed out this morning, Kasich has converted his privately-run FixOhioNow site to accept resumes for State Government Jobs. They are also accepting applications in person at the Kasich-Taylor campaign headquarters.

Yes, these are unclassified positions. But they are State jobs none-the-less. Jobs with salaries and health plans and retirement benefits.

And it seems to me that if the state is providing money for the transition ($250,000 actually!) there is a statutory expectation that this is an official process of government.

I’m not saying they are necessarily doing anything illegal (yet) but it clearly shows they aren’t even thinking about these issues. Just like they weren’t thinking about these issues when they promised to replace the Department of Development with a private, government-funded organization that wouldn’t release the salaries of its members or the value of the bonuses they received.

As we’ve seen time and time again from John Kasich, he doesn’t seem to be the least bit concerned for how things actually work in state government or any of the reasons why they are supposed to work this way.

Moreover, John Kasich and his campaign/transition team seem to need a lesson in basic government transparency.

p.s. I’m already preparing my public records request for everything on

  • Anonymous

    You’re right. John Kasich doesn’t care about the way things used to work. It’s a New Way and a New Day. Hadn’t you heard?

  • Anastasjoy

    I actually got an email today inviting me to submit my resume to Kasich. Hmmmm … what to do …. Somehow, I don’t think I’d be considered.

  • Anastasjoy

    Indeed, we have heard — but not exactly that. We are ending four years of relatively clean, sane government and going back to the way things USED to used to work — back to the days of Coingate and hedge fund scandals and governors pleading guilty to accepting illegal gifts. The New Way/New Day is actually quite familiar.

  • Anonymous

    Before the Kasich people would bother to interview you, they’d check your voting record, then see if anyone in your county knows you, or if you are related to any party leader/contributor. If you’ve got the right kind of contacts, you might get an interview. It probably would also help if you were a white male.

  • Vel

    It’s vel. I just used fixohionow to report possible corruption. I pointed out that a private website call is being used to solicit state employees outside of the normal, legal channels. Let’s hope they act to shut it down.

  • Victoria_ullmann

    I think that King John’s reign will–and should be a constant flood of records requests and if necessary lawsuits. The Enquirer is already making little squeaks about getting ready to sue if they don’t get the job applications. If they do not respond to your request in a reasonable time, I am an attorney with a background in the public documents act and would love to work with anyone else you may have available to work on the suit.

  • Victoria_ullmann

    Except that it is going to be worse–especially since the voting public was largely aware of how bad Kasich was and still voted for him–that, along with the undeniable fact that he is a corporate tool, makes him think he is invulnerable.

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  • Vel

    I was just thinking that King John should be our nickname for him. Kings might be less arrogant and corrupt though. If Wall Street’s prison biatch runs the state like they ran Lehman, he will have the same reputation as King John of England too.

  • Biggiefrie

    He needs to be reported on his website to himself for fraud, embezzlement, and grand larceny! F’n hack! What would it take to get a petition to recall this guy before he has a chance to destroy our state?

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  • Mike

    Seems like he probably told his cronies to look there and have their cronies do the same. That way Dems and other non-repubs or out-of-the-loop people wouldn’t have a chance at them, since they would be looking at the place they’re supposed to be located. How is that even possibly NOT illegal!?!?

  • Mike

    He only wants to hire “his” people. Kasich worshippers.

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