Seriously, who knew that an appointment for Agriculture Director could go so wrong. 

In the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Rep. Zehringer responds to the allegations that his bill, House Bill 25, eliminates his position and agency:

Last year, Zehringer supported a proposal that would have eliminated the Agriculture Department. He was one of 35 Republicans who co-sponsored a bill to restructure the state’s 20 Cabinet-level departments by consolidating their functions into 10 new state departments. The bill went nowhere under Democrats who controlled the House.

Zehringer said he still supports the plan, which he did not view as eliminating the department. He said the plan would have combined it with other departments in hopes of saving money.

Unfortunately, Zehringer’s own bill disagrees:


Although I know it is elitist to say it, but Zehringer has no formal education beyond high school (except for maybe some legislative “leadership” seminars he attended as a Member of the Ohio House.)  And although he is the ranking member on the House Agricultural Committee, a quick review of his legislative record shows that he paid very little attention to agricultural issues in his two terms in Ohio House.  His official biography lists that he at one time owned and operated a poultry and fish farm.  He’s the chair of the Livestock Standards Board.  That’s about the depth of his relevant experience.

But what Zehringer DID do was be one of two State lawmakers who came out and lent their name to Kasich’s Common Sense Initiative (CSI.. also known a “Claiming Strickland’s Ideas”)  Not only that, but the Kasich campaign actually mentioned Zehringer by name in its CSI plan:

Sen. Keith Faber and Rep. Jim Zehringer will serve as the Kasich/Taylor Administration’s liaisons for regulatory reform.

So, I guess that means Kasich actually may have already broken a promise in appointing him to run the Agriculture Department instead?

What a word for appointing a barely qualified individual to a high-paying job mostly due to past political support?  Hmm… what’s do you call that?

If you’re John Kasich, you call it a “New Day, New Way” to do the same corrupt activities of the last Republican Administration in Ohio.