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Ah, the joy of the job search

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Recently, I joined all you soon-to-be former Strickland staffers on the involuntary job hunt.  Impeccable timing.  After the 1994 election, it simply did not occur to me that going to DC to swim among a sea of outgoing Democratic staffer resumes was a bad idea.  Stupid kid, and all.  I spent months on a friend’s couch on Capitol Hill, got pretty much nowhere.  Duh.  So I know just how bad the next few months are likely to be.  All too well.

Employers and the people who hire for them have gotten a whole lot less human in the meantime, though.  […]

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Seriously, who knew that an appointment for Agriculture Director could go so wrong. 

In the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Rep. Zehringer responds to the allegations that his bill, House Bill 25, eliminates his position and agency:

Last year, Zehringer supported a proposal that would have eliminated the Agriculture Department. He was one of 35 Republicans who co-sponsored a bill to restructure the state’s 20 Cabinet-level departments by consolidating their functions into 10 new state departments. The bill went nowhere under Democrats who controlled the House.

Zehringer said he still supports the plan, which he did not view as […]

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Question for Michael Vick

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Hey, Mike.  Looks like you’re having a great season. Watched your performance last night, almost brought me to tears.  Got a question for ya.

How does it feel to make the biggest mistake of your life, lose everything, become a pariah, hated by almost the entire universe, and in less than two years return to your chosen profession to be at the very top of your game to the point that an ESPN reader poll today makes you, by far, the NFL’s Most Valuable Player at the mid-point of only your second season back?

I’d […]

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According to a commenter.

…I helped to run one of the offices that was authorized to hire 105 people to canvass in Cleveland. We were explicitly instructed to tell the people we hired that those who canvassed Saturday and Sunday would be paid Sunday night at 8 pm, and those who canvassed Monday and Tuesday would be paid on Tuesday at 8 pm. Sunday came and went, and the plan changed so that everyone would be paid on Tuesday. On Tuesday, at 8:20, I received a call informing me that no one would be paid that night. I had […]

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Back in March of this year, Talking Points Memo had a story about two speakers at the Darke County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner cracking birther jokes during their remarks.

One of those speakers was State Rep. Jim Zehringer (R-Fort Recovery) who made his remarks while introducing Rob Portman:

Here was Zehringer’s response to TPM when contacted regarding his comments:

In a brief interview today, Zehringer said he didn’t remember making the quip, but added that the spirit of the dinner was one of playful "teasing."

"There was a lot of teasing going on. I don’t know […]

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Now that small government conservative Republicanism has returned to Ohio, what better way to celebrate than, you know, take a job in state government!  And we all have our favorite lifelong suckling of the government teat, homeland security consultant and former Kasich staffer Jon Keeling.  Word on the street is that returning to Ohio to clamp his lips onto the Ohio taxpayer’s flacid nipple is so important to Keeling, he’s already made this picture the screen saver on his government paid for cell phone.

So we’re taking nominations for the inevitable landing of Jon Keeling into Ohio state […]

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After months of questions about what, exactly, Governor-elect John Kasich’s plans for education would be, and what he’d replace the evidence-based model that Governor Strickland introduced in 2009 with, we finally got our answer in today’s Columbus Dispatch.

Introducing Governor Kasich “No Funding/Keep the Poor Districts Poor” funding model:

Asked if some district officials preparing financial forecasts and deciding whether to put levies on the ballot were correct to assume a 15 to 20 percent cut in state aid, [Income GOP President Tom] Niehaus said that’s what he would plan for if he were in their shoes.

In […]

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The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Governor-elect Kasich will announce at 11:30 a.m. this morning that he’s nominating State Representative James Zehringer (R-Fort Recovery) to be the Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Zehringer, 58, a farmer and owner and operator of Meiring Poultry and Fish Farm, was appointed to the House in February 2007 and was unopposed for re-election this fall. His district covers Mercer and Preble counties and portions of Darke County.

This guy was set to serve two terms in the Ohio House without ever facing a contested election.  So, naturally, Kasich […]

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I’ve read a number of articles like this one from Fox News over the past few weeks that claim John Kasich’s win over Ted Strickland can be used as some kind of blueprint for beating Democrats, specifically President Obama in 2012.

In delivering a campaign and message that were pitch-perfect, the son of a mailman with working class roots provided a blueprint on going toe-to-toe with Obama and coming out on top.

Excuse my French, but this is a complete load of horse crap.

Kasich won because he was patient and, more often than not, just plain […]

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I can’t think of a better verdict on who won the 1960’s culture war than this.  It’s possible that no entertainer was made more irrelevant by the Beatles than Pat Boone, who is now an aging, embittered, pathetically inveterate teabagger selling meat.

According to the Sun-Times, “the business also will partner with other groups, including Focus on the Family and the Parents Television Council” and “expects to appeal to Christian, conservative women over age 55.”

Gives new meaning to the term, “eat it.”

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Gang, meet the Westshore Corridor Transportation Project.  It’s a plan to improve the existing freight rail line along Lake Erie, upgrade it, and start a commuter passenger rail service.

It won’t ever move faster than car traffic.  It will require government subsidies to stay operational.  And John Kasich’s campaign has told the Morning Journal that John Kasich supports it.

The project is entirely different from the 3C high speed railroad between Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, a $400 million program in the engineering phases, Erie County Commissioner Bill Monaghan said.

The 3C project was awarded $400 million […]

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