If you’ve spent any time at all reading Plunderbund then you’ve already figured out that there are multiple people who write for this blog. Me, Eric, Modern, Tim and sometimes Brian make up the core. And you’ll occassionally see other people as well.

What you probably don’t know is that there is no formal editorial control over the site’s content. Each writer is free to express him/herself as he/she sees fit.

This doesn’t mean the site is some random free-for-all. It takes a lot of work to constantly produce content and to maintain the site. And we all play different roles in the day-to-day and long-term operation, much of which happens behind the scenes.

But what you won’t find is someone editing posts (except for the occasional spelling mistake) or removing content they disagree with. And you won’t find anyone saying “you can’t blog about that.” It’s all on the table here at Plunderbund. For better or worse. And so far this model has worked pretty well for us.

A few days ago, however, we were presented with a situation that had me reassessing the need for some kind of editorial board. It wasn’t about a post though. Or even about comments. It was about an ad.

Specifically the ad that you are seeing right below the first post on the site.

The ad, which focuses on reducing the national debt, is being funded by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. Julie Carr Smyth wrote a good piece last week that covers the basics of the ad campaign and the group itself.

I’m already working on a post discussing the group and this ad campaign in more detail along with the many reasons why we considered not running the ad. But I wanted to make sure I put up this post first, before I activated the ad.

In short: I want to let you know that it was not an easy decision and that we all finally agreed less than an hour ago to actually go ahead with it.

I also want to make it clear that we at Plunderbund DO NOT endorse the ad or Peterson’s foundation.