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The Beatles on iTunes tomorrow?

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That’s what the WSJ is reporting.  Forget the Republicans taking over the world, this is the biggest news of 2010.

When I was a freshman at BGSU in 1985, I took a class called “The History of Rock and Roll”, which at the time was a ground breaking pop culture offering at any college.  The first class, our professor opened the hour by playing the number one song on the Billboard charts in 1964 the week before the Beatles arrived, which was Bobby Vinton’s “There I Said It Again.”  Then he played “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, which […]

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Long story short.  Ted Diadiun writes typically vapid navel gazing apologia for PD bias, hilariously quoting Bill Mason toady, metro editor Chris Quinn (which Anastasia immediately notices).  People bring up Connie Schultz in comments.  Diadiun claims he and many others at the PD have long been “troubled by the obvious conflict” regarding Connie’s marriage to Sherrod Brown.

Connie, rather publicly, loses it.  As is her wont.

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If you’ve spent any time at all reading Plunderbund then you’ve already figured out that there are multiple people who write for this blog. Me, Eric, Modern, Tim and sometimes Brian make up the core. And you’ll occassionally see other people as well.

What you probably don’t know is that there is no formal editorial control over the site’s content. Each writer is free to express him/herself as he/she sees fit.

This doesn’t mean the site is some random free-for-all. It takes a lot of work to constantly produce content and to maintain the site. And we all play […]

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Gang, meet House Bill 25.  House Bill 25 is a proposal by Representative Adams (of the “let’s repeal the State’s income tax” fame) to “consolidate a number of state agencies.  It’s based on a similar proposal former Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro (R) first proposed during the 2006 Republican gubernatorial primary against Ken Blackwell.  It was offered as “red meat” for the more moderate Petro to offer to try and win over the more conservative elements of his party away from Ken Blackwell.

Here’s what House Bill 25 would do.  It would essentially abolish the following agencies ( Full Story...