I’m really trying to figure out what John Kasich is planning to do about the budget. He’s turning down federal funds for railroads. He’s promised not to raise taxes. He’s putting our Race to the Top funds in jeopardy and he’s talked about eliminating the income tax.

That’s billions of dollars he’s promised not to take in.

And yet he hasn’t proposed one single serious alternative solution to increase revenue.

I’m seriously staring to wonder if he know he needs to come up with a balanced budget by the middle of March.

And today he pushed us further backwards when he announced he wouldn’t continue pursuing the Lottery Commission’s plans to allow Video Lottery Terminals at race tracks.

According to estimates made earlier this year, VLTs could bring the state more than $900 MILLION dollars.

The election is over, Johnny. It’s time to start showing us this New Way you promised during the campaign.