From the daily archives: Sunday, November 14, 2010

I’m really trying to figure out what John Kasich is planning to do about the budget. He’s turning down federal funds for railroads. He’s promised not to raise taxes. He’s putting our Race to the Top funds in jeopardy and he’s talked about eliminating the income tax.

That’s billions of dollars he’s promised not to take in.

And yet he hasn’t proposed one single serious alternative solution to increase revenue.

I’m seriously staring to wonder if he know he needs to come up with a balanced budget by the middle of March.

And today he pushed us further backwards […]

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Ben Marrison is the most unintentionally funny editorial writer in Ohio.  Today, he claims that his paper can be trusted to call Kasich out despite endorsing him in the election:

One student asked Dispatch editors how our coverage will change because our editorial page endorsed mostly Republicans and the GOP took control of state government in a landslide on Nov. 2.

As we explained to the students, the job of the news pages is not to offer support, but to provide objective reports.

Our mission is to help readers understand what is happening. Newspapers have an obligation […]

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(HT: Commenter “Vel”)

According to yesterday’s Dispatch, incoming House Finance Committee Chairman Ron Amstuz (R-Wooster) blames the federal government for not giving Ohio another dose of federal stimulus before “forcing” them into a round of painful budget cuts that very well politically doom the new Republican House majority back into the minority by 2012.

"We have to manage our way out of one-time funding, and it would help if they just didn’t shut it down in a couple months."

In other words, he’d like the State to ask for and receive additional stimulus money to balance […]

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The Columbus Dispatch had the follow up story in Saturday’s paper:

"The Kasich campaign has not asked, nor do we contemplate, a blanket rejection of Strickland appointments still pending. They will be handled in a thoughtful, deliberative manner," [Ohio Senate Republican Caucus spokeswoman Maggie Ostrowski] said.

We’ll see given that Ms. Ostrowski also stated in the article that the Governor’s picks for the Casino Commission, which Strickland made before the election, should be rejected so that Kasich could make his own appointments to the body.

We’ll see how many of this appointments receive a vote in the Senate […]

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