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Rootscamp! (Updated)

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Update:  Follow the Twitter action at Rootscamp with the #RootsOH hashtag

Coming to Rootscamp tomorrow? Cool. Me too! I’ve missed the last two because of work commitments but look forward to doing some progressive un-conferencing. There is certainly plenty to talk about in the wake of the 2010 mid-terms.

For those coming, look me up. I’ll be the guy in the old school PB tee.

For those not coming, see PB for coverage of the camp. I’ll probably blog some and surely tweet a bit as well.

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John Kasich’s allies in the GOP have been touting a plan to merge into oblivion over half the existing state agencies.  It’s been a plan that has largely been ignored as a “fringe” idea that the income GOP legislative leadership now is hell-bent on making a reality.

On Monday, we’ll examine the plan, what it means for Ohio, what it means for big business, and what it means for the Ohio budget.

Are the Republicans’ claim that it could save the State $1 billion a year well-founded?  Is the plan workable?  What does it mean for Ohio’s regulatory environment?

Stay […]

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As always, with an extra helping of snark.

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The Ohio House Republican Caucus rode itself back in the majority by attacking Democratic incumbents for “cutting” school funding because the last budget cut overall state support for primary and secondary education.  However, those “cuts” were offset by increases in federal funding.

Late yesterday, the Columbus Dispatch reports that one of the House Republicans early promises is to… massively cut primary and secondary education.

GOP legislative leaders say school districts would be wise to plan for cuts in state aid of 15 percent or more in the upcoming budget.

Oh, and they’re going to try to undo Ohio’s […]

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