From the daily archives: Thursday, November 11, 2010

It’s only been slightly more than a week since the election and Republicans in the Ohio House are already showing their true colors.

Forget about jobs and helping small business and cutting spending and shrinking government.

Nope. That’s all just campaign chatter.

With months to go before they take over control of the Ohio GA, Republicans in the Ohio House are already preparing to push their extreme conservative agenda on the state.

Yesterday Republican Rep Courtney Combs said he plans to put an Arizona-style immigration bill “near the top of the agenda” as soon as possible. (yes, as […]

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From the Toledo Blade (“Railroad job”):

UNTIL the suffix is removed from Gov.-elect John Kasich’s title, Ted Strickland remains Ohio’s chief executive. The public pressure Mr. Kasich is exerting on Mr. Strickland to halt spending on studies of a modern passenger rail sy

stem in the state is neither helpful nor justified.

Meanwhile, the federal money Mr. Strickland is applying to contracts for engineering and environmental-impact planning – a projected $15 million to $25 million of the $400 million federal stimulus grant for the rail project – is not, in Mr. Kasich’s dismissive words, "unnecessary spending."


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Unprecedented GOP gall

On November 11, 2010 By

Breaking with a State Senate tradition that has, never, ever been broken, the Columbus Dispatch reports today that some Senate Republicans have declared that they will not confirm any Strickland appointee that has been pending confirmation unless the appointee agrees to resign by the end of the year.  And in case you thought these were lame-duck appointees:

The Senate has gone more than five months without holding a voting session, allowing the number of unconfirmed Strickland appointees to pile up even though they already are serving in their posts. They include numerous university trustees, some Bureau of Workers’ […]

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